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Eastlake Falls is a beautiful, prosperous city, which lay upon the banks of Angel River. Unfortunately, the city sits directly above a portal door where daemons and other unimaginable horrors wait for their chance to escape and send the Earthly plane into chaos and suffering.

Michael Caelum, the Archangel of Protection, was sent from the Hereafter to ensure this never happens.

And Honor Ward will be there to monitor his every move.

Commissioned as a Watcher by the Archangel, Gabriel, Honor stands by in silence, unable to help as Michael fights to keep the Four Horseman from bringing the Earthly plane ever closer to the apocalypse. But when Michael tangles with Death and things take a drastic turn for the worst, Honor breaks the only rule to which Watchers are bound. She interferes to save Michael’s life.

As the apocalypse looms closer, and Michael finds an ally in the most unthinkable of immortals, Honor tries to remain detached to fulfill her duty as a Watcher.

Fate, of course, has other plans.

From October 1- December 1, 2017, Michael’s Honor is exclusively available via the Magic and Alpha’s Box Set. Hot stories from nine amazing paranormal/fantasy romance authors, all for only $0.99 or FREE in KU.

After December 1, Michael’s Honor will be available as a single novel.

THERE IS NO PRE-ORDER FOR MAGIC AND ALPHA’S. The box set was due Oct 1, but due to an unforseen upload issue, Magic and Alpha’s will be released October 3rd.


Angels and daemons have been locked in warfare for thousands of years, one side striving to protect the humans of the Earthly plane, the other seeking to corrupt them. Until the Great Battle five centuries ago, where the daemon, Dante Vittorio, united the angels and his daemon brethren in an effort to banish the seven Daemon Kings to the underworld.

Free from his cruel sire, The King of Lust, Dante worked his fingers to the bone to build his company, Inferno, Inc., from a tiny startup into a worldwide empire. His existence, though boring at times, was exactly how he liked it. Uncomplicated.

Until the day his newest assistant walked through the door.

Faith Summers knew that at age 22, people would think still being a virgin was strange, but that was just it. Faith was strange.

Withdrawn and lonely, her singular goal consisted of going to work every day, keeping her head down, and making sure her eyes and ears never caught wind of the mortifying—and in her opinion, perverted—services offered by her employer, Inferno Inc.

And her ‘don’t see, don’t tell’ attitude worked, until the day she found herself thrust two left feet first, into the position of Executive Assistant to the drop-dead gorgeous CEO, Dante Vittorio.

When Faith arrived on the top floor of the Tower of Inferno, tongue-tied and trembling, with her sad little box of personal items balanced in her arms, Dante’s reaction was the very last thing either of them expected.


Davin Cassavettes has it all.

The half-daemon Son of Pride is gorgeous, wealthy, and surrounds himself with the most stunning humans and immortals on the Earthly plane, feeding off their pride to his heart’s content.

Verity Fairchild is everything that Davin Cassavettes is not.

Tall, gawky, and odd-looking, Verity’s self-esteem is stuck in the proverbial gutter. Resigned to being the ugly duckling, Verity dedicates her time making everyone around her look and feel gorgeous. And when the owner of Eastlake Falls most famous modeling agency turns up on her doorstep and offers her a position, Verity finds she can’t resist.

Davin doesn’t know why he offers a job to the strange looking female. Her pride is so non-existent and her aura so bleak, he can barely stand to be around her. Only when the two are forced into close quarters for an extended period of time, does Davin realize that sometimes, you can’t judge a book by its cover.

Not even when you’re the Son of Pride.


While working at a strip club, twenty-one year old Hope Hartley has seen plenty of unbelievable acts. But it wasn’t until she was attacked by a mysterious, disappearing stranger at work that she decided it may be time re-evaluate her life. 

Thomas More is a saint. No, really, an actual saint. As the Patron Saint of Lawyers, Thomas is the District Attorney in the city of Eastlake Falls. He spends his time prosecuting the dregs of immortal society. Day in and day out, he deals with one disgusting criminal after another, never a break in the storm.

Until Hope Hartley walks into his office, like a ray of forgotten sunshine.

The chemistry between the two is instant and undeniable, but Hope is human. Thomas is not. 

And by the time he understands the danger their relationship poses for his Hope, it might be too late.